Scientific institutions

Friesland not only features excellent accommodations, but has a strong network circling around the scientific institutions and economical focus points as well. The province includes several strong scientific institutions concerning water technology, dairy technology and multilingualism. A lot of experience is gained from conventions around those topics. On this page you will find a brief elucidation on them.


The WaterCampus in Leeuwarden is connecting several prominent water technology centers with each other. Worldwide, the need for fresh water is growing, the water supply is under pressure. Therefore, the necessity to do research on water purification increases. At the WaterCampus, researchers from all over the world come together to provide solutions for different problems on water technology. With great success. A lot of groundbreaking results were established, including the ‘Blue Energy’ project, where energy is generated with the help of fresh and salt water.

The latest resources, progressive scientists, proper research and right focus are developing the WaterCampus as beating heart of innovation and knowledge in the field of water technology.


The Netherlands is a typical dairy country. Due to globalization and the sharpened laws and regulations, challenges and chances are growing for the dairy industry. At the Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden, which cooperates with Wageningen University, the industry, researchers en students get the opportunity to work on these challenges and chances.

The Dairy Campus is situated in a building which has been completed in 2016. A fully functioning farm with over 500 cows spread out over 300 hectares of land, with plenty of possibilities to research internal and external factors that influence the dairy production.

The Campus is an inspiring hotspot, with a lot of meeting opportunities. It strives to secure the production of safe milk with regards to humanity, animals and the environment.


Fryske Akademy

You might already know that the Netherlands has 2 official languages: Dutch ánd Frisian. The Frisian Academy (Fryske Akademy) researches the history of the Frisian language and the social-cultural influence of multilingualism on humanity. The inhabitants of Friesland function as a research topic for different national and international researchers.

The Fryske Akademy  has entered into various partnerships and is part of the ‘Mercator Network’. This is an international network of research centers specialized in multilingualism and minority languages. The academy is located nearby one of the most famous buildings of Leeuwarden, the Oldehove. The Frisian archive (Tresoar) and the historical centre of Leeuwarden are also close by.

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