Friesland is the most willful province of the Netherlands. No other province is so dedicated to  its culture and Friesland even has its own language! Frisians are proud and cherish their Frisian identity. Not because we don’t want to be Dutch, but just because we have so many beautiful things to be proud of in our province!

If you consider choosing Friesland as a destination for meetings, conventions or incentives, you can be called willful as well! You differ from the beaten path and have the courage to pick something else than the well-known Amsterdam. You are now choosing space, freedom, fresh air and a feeling of relaxation. Why don’t you take advantage of this feeling? Instead of visiting Friesland for just a meeting, combine this meeting with a unique and surprising activity!

This webpage will guide you through all the suitable Frisian accommodations, locations and activities for meetings, incentives, conventions and events. The Wadden islands, as well as all the 11 cities are included. Think outside the box, meet in Friesland! If you need any help during this decision-making process, we are glad to help you.

Did you know?

That the capital of Friesland, Leeuwarden, is entitled to be the European Capital of Culture in 2018?

That Friesland has a long culinary history with a lot of diversity in traditional dishes?

That the current royal house of the Netherlands has roots in Friesland and a lot of monuments and marks are still visible all over the province?

That a lot of multinationals benefit from the outstanding Frisian work environment and the knowledge Friesland has with regards to her scientific institutions dairy, water technology and multilingualism?